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Getting A Drag (re-recording) - From the Album 'Hit Singles Album'

Getting A Drag (re-recording) - From the Album 'Hit Singles Album'

 written Lynsey de Paul and Dave Jordan Sony / ATV Music Ltd

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Getting A Drag (re-recording)

I wrote this song when David Bowie and Marc Bolan of T Rex were rising in the charts. It was the first time that men wore makeup, glitter and spandex. Before then they had worn suits or, in the case of The Beatles, especially designed jackets, which were still pretty conservative. This was my comment on the times and is about a girl who finds her boyfriend wearing her clothes and is angry, not because he is wearing them, but because he looks better than she does. It was tongue-in-cheek. I did it on Top Of The Pops when Marc Bolan was on set and was waiting to perform his song immediately afterwards. I wore a top hat and tails and had a harpist who wore huge white wings, like an angel.