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Rock Bottom - From the Album 'Hit Singles Album'

Rock Bottom - From the Album 'Hit Singles Album'

written Lynsey de Paul and Mike Moran Lynsey de Paul Music Ltd

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Rock Bottom

Mike Moran was playing  second keyboard on a TV 'Special' I had and asked me to write a song with him for his group 'Blue Mink'. I had three pianos in one room in my old Gothic House and we each sat at a piano and began playing riffs until 'Rock Bottom' got written. Neither of us knew that the publishers had entered it for 'Eurovision' and, surprisingly, it got through to the last 12. That meant we had to find an artist to sing it. At the time I had terrible lawsuits with a dreadful manager called Don Arden (Sharon Osbourne's father) and, although he had no contractual rights over me as they had expired (and he owed me money), every time a record company tried to sign me - he sued them. This is because he had made deals with third parties using my name and could not 'deliver'. Polydor Records offered me a record deal knowing the situation on the condition that I sang the Eurovision song. I had no option if I wanted to continue recording - so that is how I ended up performing on 'Song For Europe' and 'Eurovision'. Although I was very proud that our song was representing the UK - no established artist at that time did 'Eurovision', as they were pitting themselves against new talent - and it was not done. I kept on at Mike to perform it with me, until he gave in!! It came 2nd in the contest - but outsold the winner...